15 Essential New York Bakeries

Pastry chef and baker Peng-Chieh Wang is a master at his craft. He’s studied in Japan, Europe, and the U.S., and this, his first bakery, is the product of years of research and development. Wang incorporates softer Japanese flours into some breads and pastries to achieve an airier texture. The flavor of the butter and fruit shines through sugared brioche sprinkled with cherries or layered with pears. Chocolate brioche has a springy, addictive texture, while caramel buns are like monkey bread with crunch. The chocolate croissants are scented with a touch of orange zest, while a bread called the Pink Lady contains lychee, raspberry, and rose petal essences. Don’t miss the seasonal fruit tarts, bursting with fresh berries or citrus, or the pastry crown stuffed with ham and warm cheese.

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The son of a baker, Peng-Chieh strives to surpass himself in baking competitions, which “train perseverance and moderate thought”. His artistic piece, “Taiwanese Folklore Art”, is the bakery expression of his vision. “Perseverance is one of the most remarkable values in our religion.”

Peng-Chieh has been supported during his preparation to the competition

by TAIPEI Bakery Association, UNI – President enterprise corporation,

Shakespeare Bakery, Wu Pao Chun Bakery, Taiwan Baking Competition Council, under the aegis of his coach Wu Pao CHUN.

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Dessert bar

After Hours, This Pastry Shop Serves Dessert

Michael Laiskonis, the creative director of the Institute of Culinary Education, is behind Récolte Dessert Bar on the Upper West Side.

Michael Laiskonis, the former executive pastry chef at Le Bernardin, is now the creative director of the Institute of Culinary Education, but he says he missed turning out high-end restaurant-style desserts. So starting Sunday, he will run an evening dessert bar in an Upper West Side pastry shop, Récolte. It will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, starting at 7 p.m., after the shop closes. Three courses of elegantly fashioned sweets, like a version of s’mores with smoked chocolate, marshmallow and a graham cracker; or a verrine of passion fruit and chocolate in a glass, are $23.

Fare Play: Michael Laiskonis, World-Class Pastry Chef

I never went to culinary school. Nor did I apprentice under a legendary master pastry chef or perform extended stages among the grand gastronomic temples of Europe. But I am not self-taught either; rather, my education was “self-guided,” in that I chose what information I absorbed and the sources it came from. I had the opportunity to work alongside a few important mentors—patient, trusting souls who fostered me and gave me room to breathe, to create the box outside of which I was eventually granted permission to step.